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Social Growth Hacking and Cocktail Drinking

Cocktail and Social Growth hacking usually don’t belong in the same sentence.  Well not until earlier this month that is!

Crush Cocktail Bars were invited to London to serve the guests of an exciting new start up Wearisma who were holding a Social Growth Hacking event for young professionals in and around the London area. Guests were treated to a couple of hours of cocktails before they were introduced to Vincent Dignan who gave a short presentation on online marketing called ‘How to Attract Humans’

The night was a huge success with over one hundred young professionals attending and gaining knowledge and insight from an industry professional whilst getting their hands on some exciting, innovative cocktails including the lovable Drunk in Love, the childhood classic Bubble-Gum Pop and the flavorsome Pineapple Crush along with other Crush classics. Guests were having fun even before they got a chance to taste some of the eye catching cocktails as the Crush tweet bar made another appearance. To order their drink, guests had to tweet the drink they would like to order which made for an eventful night of tweeting.

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