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Shake Your Way to the Perfect Wedding

With over 600 events completed by our team in just over two years, Crush Cocktail Bars have seen it all when it comes to Weddings. From choosing the most beautiful venue to selecting the perfect wedding cake, couples are always looking for different services to make their wedding stand out from the crowd. The trouble is, regardless of what they are choosing, guests have usually seen everything at least once. Or have they?

Usually, when couples want that something different, they often go for the crowd pleasing photo booths, or the eye catching chocolate fountain. But even then there is something missing. Does anybody really go home thinking, i really want to book that chocolate fountain again or i remember that wedding because of that crazy photo booth? In reality not really. However there is one service that is creating a big noise within the wedding industry and that is a mobile bar services.

The mobile service industry is really gathering pace and is making a frequent appearance on the wedding scene. In particular, cocktails are really causing a stir. Whether it’s the classic Pornstar Martini or the new Bubblegum flavoured cocktail, these are the drinks that really get the crowd going and everybody talking at any wedding. There is something about a cocktail that is appealing to the masses. Not only does it look and taste good but it’s a drink that can be enjoyed by all from cocktail connoisseurs to young children. But even with a cocktail, people may ask what’s new about that? And to an extent they are correct. Well that is if they haven’t experienced a Crush cocktail that is.

We have built our brand, service and drinks around the aspect of being unique and exciting. We have created an innovative Crush Cocktail Bars Menu which incorporates new and exciting drinks along with classic cocktails with a Crush twist. Whether you want to relive your childhood with our famous Bubble-Gum Pop served in the iconic jam jar topped with Fizz Wizz Popping Candy. Or maybe you want to try the our take on the Cosmopolitan better known to our Crush followers as the Candy Floss Martini which features dissolving candy floss served in a traditional martini glass. These drinks are just a few examples of some of the iconic and innovative drinks the Crush team have created. Our drinks alongside the service  has created so much noise and publicity that high end clients such as Star Wars, Disney, ITV and The Only Way is Essex have all incorporated our service in some shape or form.

While the cocktail industry continues to come up with ways to delight and surprise their clients, one thing is for sure. The cocktail is here to stay, but more importantly this service will become soon become the must have at every wedding.

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