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Professional Bartender Hire

Why our Professional Bartenders enhance our service and your event…

Here at Crush we have a talented team of professional bartenders, mixologists and flair bartenders. All of which have a vast amount of experience within the event management and hospitality sector. That is why we have been able to consistently produce a high level of service at every single event.

We promise all of our clients that our bartenders serving at your event have gone through rigorous training and directly worked with Crush Cocktail Bars. We plan your event to perfection, and that is why all of our professional bartenders will know every aspect of your event from start to finish.

Our mixologists are one of many reasons why people continue to use Crush Cocktail Bars. We have continually developed a team of highly trained mixologists and bar staff. The duty of a mixologist is not only to mix, shake and serve cocktails, but to find a level of consistency for the flavours and ingredients in order to create the perfect cocktail for even the most developed palates. Crush mixologists have extensive knowledge of spirits, liqueurs and mixers to help create a unique menu for your event.

And if you feel like treating your guests to a real show, our flair bartenders are perfect for serving any drink in true Crush style.  Loaded with all the tricks and skills, the Crush flair bartender will add excitement and make your event unforgettable.

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