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Cocktail Taster Session

Crush Cocktail Taster Session

Why have a Cocktail Taster Session?

The real question is, why wouldn’t you? The purpose of a cocktail taster session is for you, your family and your friends to sample some of our famous cocktails and mocktails as we get a better understanding of you and your event requirements.  All of our taster sessions are complementary and allow you to see if our services can enhance your event.

From a taster session we delve into the wonderful world of cocktails as we discuss your event in detail. Our team are event industry experts, so we can offer advice on all aspects of your event. The main purpose of the taster session is for you to feel at ease using our services and ensure that we are adding value to your event. All of our taster sessions are conducted by our directors.  This ensures no martini glass is left unturned and you can go home satisfied knowing everything about us.

What makes our Taster Session different from others…

Crush has ensured to provide the most unique and exclusive cocktail menu to its clients. We pride ourselves in creating and developing original recipes using fresh and vibrant ingredients. This ensures originality and leaves your guests with a lasting impression.

Feel comfortable speaking to our dedicated team as we can offer our expertise on flavor, authenticity and aesthetics in creating the perfect cocktails for you.

Our aim is to combine the most unique and fresh flavors in the cocktail market and shake it into something that you have never seen before.

What if you have a favourite drink but it’s not on our menu, or maybe you have a particular theme for your event that you want replicated in your cocktail menu?  Well you don’t have to worry as Crush will ensure we meet all of your demands to the best of our ability.  After all this is your event and we want to make sure you remember it for the right reasons!

Before booking your taster session why not have a look at our famous menu where you can find our innovative cocktails and mocktails on a drinks menu, we promise you will not be disappointed.

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We recommend trying a number of different drinks from our menu during your taster session. This will give you a better understanding of the different types of drinks we serve and how they can complement your event and wow your guests.

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