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Crush Bar Consultancy

Crush Bar Consultancy

The Crush Bar Consultancy programme was launched in early 2015 with the aim to upskill bar staff and bar teams around the country.

We have worked with a number of bars, restaurants and hotels around the country providing tailor made packages to suit their needs.

With bar spend increasing year upon year, it is important that bars, restaurants and hotels have staff with the specific skills to deliver a professional bar service.  That’s where our Bar Consultancy programme comes in.  The programme focuses on a number of different areas all of which are essential for a successful and vibrant bar experience, these include;

  • The Basics of Mixology
  • Bar Etiquette
  • Sales & Marketing
  • New Menu Development

The programme has taken us months to develop and has been created by our team of industry experts. Our diverse team has years of experience and have worked with a number of high profile clients in the UK and across the world.  Our experience in mixology and flair bartending is what makes our programme so credible.

Menu Development

The Crush Menu Development aims to improve cocktail menus throughout the UK and ultimately increase sales for your business.

This service is used to make your cocktail stand out from the crowd.  All of our services at Crush are about creating variety and being unique.  That is why we work closely with all of our clients throughout the process to ensure your new cocktail menu perfectly represents your brand.

We promise all of our clients that the drinks created on your menu will be exclusive to your brand and will not replicated elsewhere.  Our Menu Development programme will focus around a number of key areas which include: –

  • Planning & Development Stage
  • Cocktail Proposal
  • Menu Tasting Session
  • Menu Creation

Clients that select our Menu Development programme will work closely with our head mixologist.  Our vast amount of experience in the drinks industry means we can create a menu that will amaze you and your customers.

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When selecting the number of staff you would like to train, make sure you try and get as many people involved in the programme  as possible.  You will find that incorporating the majority of your team is beneficial for team bonding and offers great savings.

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