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Crush Candy Bars 2016 Arrival

During the week, our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages gave all of our followers various clues regarding the new service that Crush will be launching in early 2016.

However, if your guess was chocolate and sweet inspired cocktails then unfortunately you were wrong…well not entirely. Yes the childhood favourites such as M&M’sLucky CharmsReeses Chocolate and Hersheys Kisses will be coming to Crush Cocktail Bars this summer, but they will be gloriously presented in our new and exciting service, Crush Candy Bars.

Crush Candy Bars is a new, exciting and innovative service provided by mobile bar specialists Crush Cocktail Bars. Gone are the days of the traditional and dull pick n mix. Instead, Crush Candy Bars are here to re-ignite and transform the Candy Bar industry with a contemporary approach. We have combined childhood classics with modern day favourites and created a number of different Candy Cup recipes which will fulfill any sweet lovers dreams.

Check out our Candy chalk board which breaks down how you can enjoy Crush Candy Bars today!

Candy Bar Step by Step

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